Solar Roads: Avenues of the Future

We see them every day. We use them every day. They don’t seem to take up much space compared to our house, stores or buildings, but in reality they take up more than half of the eligible land in our cities and towns used for developing.

Roads. Big ones, small ones, one-ways, two lanes. We use them without thinking what life would be like without them. The question is, are they really living up to their full potential? Could we demand more out of them, more than just getting from one place to another? Are roads the most cost effective as they are? “Will We Soon Be Riding on Solar Roads? The Idea Gains Traction” from National Geographic says we can use our roads for much more than we are currently using them for. Just imagine how different roads will look, but also how much more useful they will be for helping to power our traffic lights, houses and various buildings we use every day. Even if we couldn’t have solar roads for high traffic roads (because of wear and tear), we could certainly use them for parking lots, sidewalks, bike paths and so on.

A huge boom in 2016 is going to be transferring our dependency on fossil fuels to renewable and cleaner energy. AKA, solar energy. Now I could get into all the science and facts behind this alternate energy, but I could go on for days on that. Long story short, the amount of sunlight that strikes Earth EACH day (equated to about 970 trillion kilowatts) is enough energy to power the ENTIRE world’s needs for 15 years. That’s years guys, not days, not weeks, not even months. This is for every country in the world, not just big ones like US or Russia or Canada. I can barely wrap my mind around this concept… Can you??

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