Living In A Sustainable Earth: Are You Getting Solar in 2016?

The sun. A super bright ball in the sky that shines all day, every day, the same amount. The little guy with sunglasses in the corner of our kindergarten drawings. Responsible for life as we know it.

Our sun’s going to keep shining no matter what. Eventually in however many hundreds of thousands of millions of years it may change, but right now it stays the same. Can we say the same for Earth? Will Earth be the same in a million years? A thousand years? What about next year? Will there even be a habitable environment? The ball of climate change has been rolling for the past few decades and it has now gotten to this stage of a huge snowball. Questions like:

  • What we will do about climate change?
  • How we will re-organize our resources to make them most effective and least damaging at the same time?
  • Who is going to pay for all the change?

What’s the point of thinking about all this? 2016 is going to be the BIGGEST year in the solar industry with the price of installing falling and the reduction of emissions rising, according to “Big Solar is Heading For Boom Times in the US.” This is going to happen through 3 ways.

First, more states are going to install plants that have otherwise been mandated; they are going to see the benefit for cost and the environment.

Second, you will ALWAYS know the price of solar, from day one of use. With oil and nature gas prices always fluctuating due to production and supply amounts, sunlight never wavers, so neither will the price.

Finally (and this is my favorite one), the price of installation (should you decide to purchase a system outright) is rapidly falling… CHEAP! Just like gas that’s been getting cheaper and cheaper the last year or two? The biggest difference is gas prices will go right back up… but solar? Nope, never will.

I’m definitely for lower costs in any aspect of my life. What about you?

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Celebrate the sun.

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