Distributed Battery Storage: Our BREAK From Traditional Energy Storage

Flipping on a light, plugging in out phone to charge, turning on the TV. These are all actions we do daily without thinking about where the electricity that powers our devices comes from. The truth is this: the energy that powers our homes most likely is generated from power and nuclear plants and has to travel down hundreds of miles of cable. The production of the energy is polluting our environment at an increasing and alarming rate. How can we break away from this source of energy but still keep all of our electronic pleasures?

The solution is distributed battery storage. This idea works the same as a car, phone or laptop battery, except the battery we are talking about here would store energy that will power everything in your home. You might be thinking “where does this energy come from?” or “that sounds too expensive,” but distributed battery storage is just a fancier term for capturing and storing renewable energy to use it for electricity. This way of storing electricity is going to surpass the traditional one-way energy grid companies like PG&E have in place right now.

Where does the energy itself come from? The most common source is renewable energy. Technological advances have driven down the costs of converting to renewable energy to so low that you can convert your home at no cost. The attraction to renewable energy has prompted the creation of so many companies and that competition benefits you, the consumer. The most common renewable energy that you can easily convert your home to run off of is solar energy; in that sector alone there are a vast amount of companies like SolarCity, First Solar, Sunrun, SunPower, Sungevity, Verengo Solar and many more (take a look at this list that lists the top companies)

The historic model of a one-way power grid is a thing in the past. Renewable energy companies have disrupted this grid and are beginning to take over some of the natural monopoly that PG&E has created. By replacing energy supplies with cleaner energy production, companies able to be provide profits not just to themselves, but to YOU as consumers and homeowners through ways of being able to sell your energy back. So when are you going to convert?

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