Does the Green Industry Have A Dark Side?

The green business centered on transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy forms has skyrocketed in the recent years. Of all the countries promoting the transition to cleaner energy, Germany has emerged as the leader by giving subsidies to support wind and solar energy and shutting down nuclear and coal power plants. These efforts are in order to transition 35% of the country’s electricity generation by 2022 to cleaner and sustainable energy.

The subsidies and shutdowns have been called the “dark side” of Germany’s green movement; this dark side has created the losers of the big utility companies and citizens of Germany. With the subsidies in place, citizens’ electricity bills have skyrocketed. The shutdowns of the plants has displaced hundreds of thousands of workers and rocked other dependent industries as well; there will always be both winners and losers. . Read more in depth here about what the “dark side” means for the country.

Even with these consequences, is there really a dark side? Yes, it is unfortunate that people lost jobs and their bills are higher (at the moment), but current studies have shown the effects of dirty energy and pollution on the environment. You would get tons of results about bad effects from Google if you searched “global warming” or “environmental pollution by dirty energy.”

The transition to cleaner energy is the right thing to do, for the country and for the rest of the world. We will get past the discomfort of change. At the same time, we will be solving a problem we created and provide a better world for our future generations.

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