Bringing A Child Into Today’s World

I am not a parent yet, but I know being a parent is extremely difficult. Before you get to the worries about paying for you child in care and education, first you address the worries of bringing a child into the world in the first place. Do you and your partner have enough time? Enough money? Enough space? Now there is one more thing to add to your pre-birth worries.

Will my future child be able to enjoy the same Earth that I have?

Climate change is going to happen no matter what. The question is: how fast? Regardless of natural climate change, no one can say that humans have not affected the process in some way. With more carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere as well as garbage and oil in the ocean, we are driving climate change faster than it would naturally occur…and the consequences are terrifying. Warmer weather in the winter with record temperatures, our climate is changing for the worst. It is disrupting the natural processes like animal migrations.

For instance, birds migrate to the south when it gets cold, but birds don’t know the difference between winter and summer. When the warmer temperatures are present in the summer, birds think they don’t have to move. This imbalance can cause young to die (when the weather doesn’t actually stay warm) and the population of the birds prey (insects, fish or whatever else they may eat) becomes too big for the ecosystems.

Will your future children be able to enjoy the same world as you do? What will you do to help ensure they can walk around without worrying about the air they are breathing and enjoying the sun’s warmth in moderation?

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