The Story: Past, Present and Future

Most of us go shopping every week or month. Sometime, if we run out of something before our next trip, we stop by the store on the way home from work to pick up some napkins or some sort of food. Chances are, whatever you buy and wherever you buy it, the product is contained within some sort of paper/cardboard or plastic casing.

You grab it, purchase it, take it home, use it and get rid of it. There can’t be any other way to use the leftovers of that box those crackers came in or that plastic spoon, right? Wrong.

Taking a look at this video, named the Story of A Spoon, we can see the extensive process behind the production of plastic spoons. Is this something you thought about when you bought that box of plastic spoons? The blog that this video is attached to drives home a simple point: we race down the aisles of stores, putting things in our baskets, without thinking about making more sustainable choices (since most of these products are single use).

We need to ask ourselves to make a change. While this is definitely happening already, it needs to reach every individual in every country that is consider a “major polluter.”

Ways to make a change are simple. If you must have plastic spoons, for a BBQ or a child’s birthday party, recycle them. If you need anything product that is cased in plastic or cardboard, recycle the casings. If you want to avoid buying plastic as much as possible, find better alternatives that are made from biodegradable sources.

The change towards helping to create a more sustainable environment only takes a few moments of your time only once. You ask yourself to change, do a little bit of research and any choices you make you will continue to make. It’s just transferring the money that you spend on one product to another, so it is not like you’re spending more of your money.

Wash a spoon. Recycle bottles from water or cans from soda and juices. Reduce your intake wherever you can. Will YOU help us move towards a sustainable world?

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